Easy of Use Large/Medium Chain Leash w/h Leather Handle 32″ for Dog

dog-collar-info.com  offer Stainless Steel Chain Dog Leash/Lead with Padded Leather Handle !

Hand grip is wide and soft for excellent control.

Chain length :
1. 32 inch ( 80 cm)
2. 40 inch (100 cm)

Leather part width – 3/4 inch (20 mm)
Leather part length – 10 inch (25 cm)

Chain part has swivel for better active dogs walking

Overall length from the tip of the handle to tip of snap:
1.42 inch ( 105 cm)
2.50 inch ( 125 cm)

The Chain Dog Lead with Leather Hand Grip is strong and stylish for your Dog!

General “Woof” leash  Tip: We are involved in making our products over 10 years and have century of combined experience in making you and your dog happy when our products involved and when you need our help before or after order placed.