EASY OF USE Leather Working Dog Collar for DOG

EASY OF USE Leather Working Dog Collar for DOG

EASY OF USE Leather Working Dog Collar for DOG

buy EASY OF USE Leather Working Dog Collar for DOG

When do you need wide or very wide collar?

I think that you should get wide collar for your dog in 2 main cases:

1. Your dog is a strong, active, gets excited, has super drive and therefore will choke on narrow collar – wide collar will absorb pressure much better and is the solution for described behavior.

2. You think that wide collar looks better on your dog – hard to argue about this one – imagine gorgeous big dog wearing 1 inch gentle collar – if this though brought smile on your face, you should probably get wide collar for your dog. People around will feel more secure around the dog with gorgeous wide collar on.

Metal parts should make a pair to the heavy wide leather strap. Avoid cheap nickel finish buckles, look for brass – it is more expansive material which is stronger, causes less to none allergies in dogs skin and does not cause change in color like chrome does.

General “Woof” Tip: Using right material for padding is crucial for

your dogs comfort – good padding  should be of natural origin

to avoid rubbing and irritation of your dogs skin and fur.

Please be very careful when you select padded dog product, check

how padding attached to the chest plate or other padded areas.

Glued padding is not the best way to make good padded harness,

muzzle or collar, stitching might be much better idea, hand stitched

products will cost more, however this is the best way to make

product which serves for lifetime.

To make unforgettable impact of the pure solid strength, we heavy duty stitch 2 thick wide leather straps together. Here we go – perfection in few clicks away.

Get this super collar now and forget about low quality, non impressive look collars forever.

Hurry – this direct maker price will not stay this low forever.

I receive calls and emails all the time saying things like this:

You are nuts to offer this quality collar for this price, you cannot get nothing even close to this quality in pet stores and the only

similar collar I saw (heard about, my friend purchased in Europe showed to me last week) costs $100 ($200, $300).

Please note terrific adjustability. Your dog still grows? You can enjoy 5 (not 2 or 3) inches adjustment range.

Let’s say your dog has right now 20 inches circumference and still grows? You can ask to make this collar fit 20-24 and as your dog grows you do not have to waste tones of money to get new collar or even collars.

I am really tired of talking about this superb collar, I have this feeling like I am trying to describe expensive sport car, you cannot understand how good it is unless you get it and then the only

problem you have is how to start talk again and make eyes less round. (stopping for gas can become problem as well)

I don’t even want to talk about comfortable, outstanding, awesome grip handle. You will enjoy it after you receive this collar.

General “Woof” Tip: One of the things I would like to pay your

attention at:

There are many resellers around the Internet which are not direct

makers and sometimes don’t even know how and what for products

they sell are made.Ask right questions to find out if you deal with

main source or if you are going to pay extra money just because

product you are about to purchase went through 2-4 extra hands

before it reaches you.I like to save extra buck and it won’t harm you

either, so check if you are purchasing product from main source.

Most of the times if you ask fro a small change in size adjustment,

only maker will be able to do it for you.

Leather Working Dog Collar for BELGIAN MALINOIS – 2 ply leather collar