Looking for Premier Reflective Easy Walk Harness for all breeds?

buy Looking for Premier Reflective Easy Walk Harness for all breeds?

Please compare Premier Reflective Easy Walk Harness to our High quality Reflective Nylon Dog harness with handle for your all breeds!!

This Light weight Nylon Dog harness handmade by dog-collar-info.com

Size of front strap 7 inches(18cm)
Size of back strap 17-21 inches(43cm-53cm)

Size of front strap 10 inches(25cm)
Size of back strap  21-26 inches(53cm-67cm)

Size of front strap 12 inches(30cm)
Size of back strap  25- 31 inches(62cm-81cm)

Size of front strap 17 inches(43cm)
Size of back strap  28-34 inches(70cm-87cm)

Size of front strap 21 inches(53cm)
Size of back strap  33-45 inches(84cm-115cm)

Dog harness details:

1. Made of high quality durable nylon.
2. Very comfortable stitched handle.
3. Steel, heavy duty stitched D ring for lead attaching .
4. Light weight & secure side quick release 2inch buckle.
5. Identification patch ability on 2 sides with Velcro (one patch set “SECURITY” included for FREE with purchase)
6. Best for everyday using, police, service, rescue, sport, Schutzhund dogs and working dogs
7. Reflective front strap

General “Woof” Tip: Dog training equipment made to serve longer than everyday gear. To achieve this, special production techniques and best materials should be used. We take into account whole picture but don’t forget about small details. When you purchase our products you give your dog a very big “a little” extra.