NEW Leather Slip Leash 6 foot on 1/2 inch for all breeds


buy NEW Leather Slip Leash 6 foot on 1/2 inch for all breeds offers Handmade Leather Slip Leash 6 foot on 1/2inch for all breeds

Take your dog on a walk fast and release your all breeds in the park even faster

Adjust the leather stopper once to match the choke leather collar part to your dogs measurements.
Handcrafted Leather stopper slides quite easy when you need to adjust it.

Use it as a dog lead, as collar and as a behavior correction modification device

Fast walking combo leather Slip leash / choke collar dimensions:

- 6 foot (180 cm) long – from end to end
- 1/2 inch  (13 mm) wide
- 1/5 inch  (4.5 mm) thick

Available in these colors:

- Black
- Brown
- Tan

Key Futures of this walking / training leash/ collar combo/Slip dog Leash collar :

- Best raw cow hide 100% full grain leather
- Best polished solid brass snap hook
- Smoothed, waxed and rounded edges
- Hand-stitching by wax coated thread on the handle, snap hook and stopper
- Solid brass smooth polished floating ring

Intended use for this collar/leash combo:

- Walking your dog
- Training your dog
- Obedience dog training
- Behavior correction of your dog
- Dog show

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