NEW Winter season Wire Dog Muzzle for all breeds

buy NEW Winter season Wire Dog Muzzle for all breeds3bluestones present a new model of a well-ventilated metal muzzle, which is designed for all breeds.

Our antifreeze Wire Dog Muzzle heavy weight and solid with leather lining and adjustable leather neck straps!

This type of Cage Dog Muzzle, due to its design dog can freely open mouth, drink water without feeling constrained.

Also Basket Wire Muzzle is recommended for the winter season, as it is processed with a special compound plastic and rubber that allows protect the dog from age to the muzzle.

General “Woof” Tip: Dog training equipment made to serve longer than everyday gear. To achieve this, special production techniques and best materials should be used. We take into account whole picture but don’t forget about small details. When you purchase our products you give your dog a very big “a little” extra.