Padded hand painted fur saver harness – H1 – barbed wire

exclusive hand painted padded fur saver harness introduction – model H1 – barbed wire

Padded hand painted fur saver  harness - H1 - barbed wire

Padded hand painted fur saver harness - H1 - barbed wire

General “Woof” Tip: Leather can be of different quality.
Latigo leather is too soft for some of the products and harness leather is too sturdy – this is one of the reasons why we use vegetable tanned leather.
Vegetable tanned leather combines perfect durability and softness to give you as a handler , and your dog most of comfort.
Rare art work harness – hand painted by our artists in our work shop using special Italian technique of painting over leather – it looks like your dogs harness has barbed wire all over it

Absolutely unique harness – this is your chance to equip your dog with “not another harness”
Please note that imitations will lose color and graphics within month sometimes weeks or faster
Our harness will look the same even after year of usage
Great show off item for your beloved pet, make your pet stand out of the crowd

Read bellow to find out about totally amazing functionality of this harness – it was made based on our bestseller – H1 protection padded leather harness

Unlike nylon harness which cannot be strong enough due to material, this harness is super strong and heavy duty made, you can be confident training while your dog wearing this harness

It is made of best leather, sturdy durable 100% full grain hides
Solid D ring which will not rust stitched on the top heavy style
Front and around chest straps are very wide

General “Woof” Tip: Please make sure to check what fittings, hardware or in simple language metal parts are products made of. Some metals or compounds can cause allergy reaction or fur discoloration, it can also be reason for irritation and therefore high vet bills and can make your dog suffer.
We use friendly materials in making our products and use “protection pads” approach where it is technically possible. Those small or big pads are used to protect your dog from contact with buckles, which is especially important when you have active dog which likes to run and play around.

Handmade exclusively by our craftsmen. This harness is adjustable many ways so you can use it while your dog gains more weight or goes on diet or grows – don’t buy harness which can be used for month only
Adjustable on front neck straps which are padded with thick felt
Adjustable on strap which goes around the chest, we used solid metal extra strong quick release buckle so you can easily put this harness on and off your dog
every time you go for walking
Adjustable also on strap which goes under the belly between front legs – not every harness made with this important adjustment

This is not kind of harness your dog will be able to escape when it is perfectly fitted and adjusted – think about it – it is extremely important
When you buy this harness you also get comfortable handle – absolutely free, you will have useful future which allows to be in control of your dog while your dog is off the leash
The handle designed in such a way that it does not interfere with leash or with dogs movement and it has round plastic tube inside to fit grip of the palm in natural way
Be in control of your dog finally

Make pictures of your dog with this harness on for your family album and turn those moments to be memorable in style

It can be good for developing muscles of your dog or just for fun, training your dog to bite bite sleeve or dog bite tugs
Remember most of the pressure will fall onto chest plate and not on your dogs throat – avoid injuring your excited pet by using this harness with full chest support

General “Woof” Tip: You should know that when your dog is properly measured that would be enough for making good fit muzzle, harness or collar.If someone says – don’t worry and order this muzzle , it will fit your dog for sure, you should be alerted – this is simply not true, some products have generic sizing but it is always good to check exact sizing info, as not all dogs have same body and head shape and size.

This harness is definitely one of the most functional harnesses we ever made and it is ultimate all around multipurpose heavy duty padded harness

This harness Fits . (check our sizing instructions to verify proper fit)

This heavy duty art work harness is valuable tool for training, designed to withstand the rigors of professional K9 duties. Our padded harness will quickly become your favorite trial or training equipment!

buy Padded hand painted fur saver  harness - H1 - barbed wire

buy Padded hand painted fur saver harness - H1 - barbed wire