Ultrasonic Chrome Plated Dog Whistle for Training



No matter if you are a professional dog trainer or an ordinary dog owner, this Dog Whistle will help you in training your doggy. It produces a sound that is above the level of human perception, and only dogs can hear it.

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Key features of this Dog Whistle:

  • frequency tunable
  • chrome plated steel construction
  • influences only your dog
  • safe for human's hearing

Intended use of this Dog Whistle:

  • dog training

Sizes available:

  • 3/10" x 2 1/10" (7mm x 55mm)
  • weight - 3/5 oz (17gr)


  • Chrome plated steel

This Whistle is perfect for dog training as its sound can be heared only by dogs, so anyone around will be disturbed. Its sound is rather loud and works as a distractor.

Moreover, this UltraSonic Dog Whistle allows to tune the frequency. If your dog does not react to the low range of frequency, tune it higher and your dog will hear loud sound and this time will respond to it.

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