Soft Grip Rubber Brush for Dog Grooming



If you want your dog to look great every day, then try this Rubber Brush. It won’t slip out of your hands because the grip is very comfortable for you. Moreover, this item doesn't scratch the dog’s skin, so it is safe for your pet's health. Take care of your beloved doggy with this Brush!

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Key features of this Dog Brush:

  • Light weight
  • Handy
  • Can be used during bathing
  • High-quality product
  • Safe for the dog’s health
  • Perfect for short-haired breeds

Intended use of this Dog Brush:

  • Taking care of your dog’s hair
  • Massage of the dog’s skin


  • Length - 5 1/10 inch (13 cm)
  • Width - 3 1/2 inch (9 cm)


  • Rubber

Let's see how this Brush works:

The gentle rubber tips remove loose hair and dead skin while you groom your beloved doggy. Proper grooming helps to stimulate and distribute the natural oils to make your canine's coat even more but eautiful and glossy.

You can use it for grooming both wet or dry dogs. The Brush creates a rich lather, that penetrates to get your dog clean down to the skin. The healthy coat is a guarantee of of a health dog!

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