Large "Green Lawn" Slow Plastic Dog Feeder



With this Innovative Dog Feeder your beloved dog will be full up after every feeding time because it will turn his daily meals into a challenging game! It will help him to spend more time eating, thus, such unpleasant problems as gulping and bloating will be eliminated.

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Key features of this Dog Feeder:

  • safe hard plastic
  • smoothed edges
  • cuts the risk of gulping and bloat
  • for both dry and wet food
  • for small breeds, puppies and flat-nosed breeds such as pugs and bulldogs
  • tuft of grass shape

Intended use of this Slow Pet Feeder:

  • healthier way of food consuming
  • challenging game during meal

Dimensions available:

  • length 11 inches (29 cm)
  • width 9 inch (22 cm)
  • height 3 inch (8cm)
  • weight - 14 1/10 oz (400 gr)
  • height of grass blades 1/2 - 2 1/5 inch (1,5 and 5,5 cm)
  • contains 32 blades of grass
  • can hold up to 1/2 pt. (0.25 liter)


  • green

This tool has an attractive green color, so it gives an image of true grass. All the materials are eco-friendly, totally safe for your pet's health and doesn't contain toxic substances. Moreover, it is easy to clean - you can use dishwasher or clean it with dry cloth.

The key feature of this item is thatĀ helps to slow down your canine's feeding and eliminates gulping and bloat. Thanks to "green lawn" design you dog will have to make efforts to pick up his food. He will need to "hunt" and "chase" his prey. Due to such slow process of meal consumption your doggy will never overeat and stop begging for more food.

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