Large Rugby Design Chewing Dog Toy for Kibble and Treats Dispensing



Enjoy rugby? Want your dog to involve into this amusing sport activity? Then buy this Unique Design Dog Ball that is meant for treat dispensing. Interesting game and healthy mealtime is guaranteed! Provide your four-legged friend with hours of challenging game. This is an excellent choice for those dogs who suffer from anxiety and boredom behaviors.

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Key features of this dog treat dispensing toy:

  • Strong special rubber
  • Rugby ball form
  • Harmless for the dog's health
  • Long-lasting item
  • Durable

Intended use of this dog treat dispensing toy:

  • Encourages play
  • Reduces anxiety and boredom behaviors
  • Ideal for interactive chewing challenge

Size and weight available:

  • Large - 3 3/5 inch x 4 3/5 (9 cm x 12 cm)
  • Weight - 8.1 oz (230 g)


  • Special rubber

If your Canine like sounds, this toy is exactly what he needs as it crunches when squeezed. Thus, the ball draws your dog's attention. It is made of super strong rubber that is durable and long-servicing.  It easily withstands your dog's constant biting and chewing.

Being intended for holding a variety of treats and kibble, the toy provides your full of energy pet with hours of entertaining game, keeping him mentally and physically trained. Your doggy will have to make efforts in order to obtain his reward. Besides, he will be able to play with this toy in the water.

Type Chew Dog Toy
Intended Use chewing and playing
Material rubber
Color orange
Dog Breeds Recommendations large dog breeds
Dimensions 3 3/5 x 4 3/5 inch (9 x 12 cm)

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